Monday, February 25, 2002

They think my older nephew - the one who is eight and takes after me and always has to do things his own original, creative and often bizarrely funny way - may have Tourette's syndrome.

It sounds more like he's got a, uh, chronic tic disorder, but it's unclear to me whether full-blown Tourette's means having a small tic that one just can't help indulging. In my nephew's case, he has a funny little ritualistic cough that involves covering his mouth carefully for each cough, as he has been told to do by his mother.

I now realize the reason behind all those strange noises that used to come from one of my former co-workers. And I thought the constant coughings and throat-clearing and whistling was just another aspect of his horrific passive aggression and his general strange closeted behavior.

The Swedish word for the day is småningom. It means little by little.

- by Francis S.

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