Friday, November 16, 2001

This morning is one of those sublime winter mornings. Strangely, although the sky is mostly blue there were stray snowflakes tumbling down as I walked out onto the street from the apartment. Then, walking down the steps on the bluff at Mosebacke, spread below me was Gamla Stan, the old town, lit by that strange, glancing winter sun, picking out the fancy brickwork and lacy iron on the spire of the German church and making it look even more beautiful than it is.

The husband and I are off to Lisbon tomorrow morning first thing. I can't begin to describe how badly I need this holiday. We'll be back in a week, bringing with us tales and veritable sonnets from the Portuguese (apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning, whose poems had nothing to do with Portugal but rather referred to a nickname of hers).

The Swedish verb for the day is att resa. It means to travel.

- by Francis S.

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elen said...

Hi...i have read that you are Portuguese!! i love Portugal!!! I was here two years ago with my boyfriend! he always told me that he loved Portugal and expecially i did him a surprise...and i booked this holiday! I will not repent of my chose! ALgarve is too beautiful! We visited all Portugual, my favourite places are Lisbon and naturally Algarve!! we did Algarve was too amazing!so....I LOVE ALGARVE!!!!!!!!