Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sweden is all abuzz.

After years of lobbying, the crown princess at last has convinced her parents to let her marry the man she loves. Who was her personal trainer. But, don't get the wrong idea. This guy isn't a hunk. He's kind of a schlub as far as I can tell. Keeps his nose clean though - the tabloids haven't managed to catch him doing anything unsavory. He's curiously bland. Which is perhaps in part why the king and queen finally caved in.

Prince Daniel.

It's kind of sweet. And of course it's spurring the usual debates about why the hell Sweden continues with the curious institution of monarchy at all.

If you ask me, there's something to be said for having a queen to hang your patriotism on. Maybe if America had a queen, people would vote for the wisest guy instead of the folksiest guy who can sing "God Bless America" most convincingly. And we never would have gotten stuck with Bush the Second or Ronald Reagan (whose reputation has been amazingly rehabilitated: Has everyone forgotten about the people he surrounded himself with, great moral leaders like Ed Meese, Cap Weinberger and Ollie North?)

Of course some people claim America does have a queen, they just can't agree on who she might be: Lady Bunny? Rufus Wainright? Dana Elaine Owens?

The Swedish word for the day is skvaller. It means gossip.


Polly said...

Maybe Oprah?

Anonymous said...

Advantage of having a monarch: there's no way they can ever do anything really stupid without seriously endangering their position, since they have no real legitimacy. That's precisely the beauty of it. With any other kind of head of state you just can't be sure. I've become quite the monarchist these days.

Anonymous said...

Ew, no, the monarchy is so ridiculous, it's painful! What an sad little embarrassment for Sweden.

Queen of America: Michelle Obama, hands down. Too obvious, perhaps, but still true.

Unknown said...

Well said.

Unknown said...

Also, doesn't "Westling" sound like some race of people in The Lord Of The Rings?

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

Since the word for today is skvaller I have to share some fun slander I read on Flashback (Swedens largest internet forum) yesterday. Rumour has it that Victorias real father is Jay Leno and her sister Madeleine's is Roger Moore! LOL Probably BS but fun nonetheless.

Adrian said...

I like that Sweden has a real queen. Andreas Lundstedt would probably try to steal the title, otherwise.

Or Rickard Engfors (no bad thing!)

For USA:

Jackie O?
Michelle O?
Oprah - just O?

Lot of O there...

Anonymous said...
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