Monday, March 23, 2009

K., who sits next to me at work, came in this morning as usual asking how my weekend was.

Good, I told her.

"Well," she said. "Remember I was talking about that dinner we were going to have with friends? It turned out they served us venison. Which they had shot themselves. In their yard. In Uppsala."

A deer had wandered into their yard and they shot it? In Uppsala, where the university is and which is not the countryside, not at all?

Yes, she said.

Ha, ha, I laughed.

I told her that if my parents had owned a gun when they lived in Boulder years ago, I think my mother would have made my father shoot the deer that would come and eat all her flowers, roses and tulips and irises, anything she planted. My mother is not really an animal person. Her sympathies extend to birds, and that's about it.

Ha, ha, K. laughed.

So, I asked K., was the food good?

"Delicious," K. said.

The Swedish word for the day is rådjur. It means deer.


. said...

If I were to eat the animals I hunt in my front yard in Milan (if I had one), I'd be serving rat or pigeon (aka flying rat) to my guests. Lucky people in Uppsala!

Jessica said...

Hello! Thanks for linking me back :D

I started reading your blog because I am planning to move to Stockholm myself this year (if I get into the university to do my Masters) and I am trying to improve my Swedish, but it is such a hard language! Other blogs I've read about expats in Stockholm seem to be written by people who speak fluent Swedish, despite not being at all Swedish themselves. It's very upsetting! So it's nice to know I'm not the only one who finds it hard.

Can you recommend any other blogs about life as a foreigner in Stockholm? Are there any meet-ups for English speakers, as well? I'm worried, since I may not get student accommodation, that it'll be hard to meet new people.