Friday, March 01, 2002

Reading about sex education that preaches abstinence makes my blood pressure sky rocket. And makes me sad. It sounds like Victorian attitudes toward sex are back in favor in the United States, not that they've ever really disappeared. Worse, organizations such as SIECUS, seem to be worn down on fighting this battle against dangerous prudishness.

I am incredulous at the stupidity of adults trying to convince teenagers that sex is bad except when one is married. Is it the intention of U.S. government policy to create a generation of sexophobes? Do these policymakers and administrators honestly believe that teenagers will really buy this argument, or should buy it? There is so much love and pleasure to be derived from sex, why turn it into something scary and evil? I first had sex when I was 15, real sex as opposed to childish sex play, and it was wonderful and exciting and taught me many things about how to treat other people in all sorts of situations that have nothing to do with sex.

I still don't understand what the big deal is.

The Swedish word for the day is vanlig. It means normal.

- by Francis S.

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