Tuesday, January 15, 2002

I used to think that Lorrie Moore was too glib for her own good, too prone to pun. But then I read 'People Like That Are the Only People Here" in the New Yorker, and I changed my mind. The story, of a woman dealing with the horror of her baby having cancer, is full of desperate dark humor, and the whole thing cuts like a knife so that one can only believe that it must be based on experience. The story is brilliant and hurts like hell. What made me think of it was reading this wonderfully written description of parents dealing with their newborn baby's tenuous grasp on life. I don't think there can be much that could cause more pain than the death of one's child, and I suppose the fear of a child dying is a worry that lurks somewhere in the back of all parents' minds. I'm not sure that if it happened to me, that I wouldn't buckle under the sorrow.

The Swedish word for the day is sjukhuset. It means the hospital.

- by Francis S.

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