Wednesday, January 16, 2002

My good old buddy old pal K. is here yet again from the States; she just can't seem to stay out of Sweden.

She's already regaled me with stories about having to remove her boots for a security check at Logan Airport in Boston (they took them into a separate room where she couldn't see them being interrogated:

    Good cop: "I just wanna make things easy for ya, ya look like a decent, God-fearing pair of boots - ya can tell me if ya been cramming explosives up ya little boot butts, I promise we can work out a nice cushy deal for ya, maybe even get ya a new pair of heels that actually don't look slutty like the ones ya got now...

    Bad cop: "If yer don't play nice with us, we're gonna separate yer body from yer pathetic sole(s) so even the focking devil won't recognize yer, yer dried up piece of cow stomach...)

She did get her boots back eventually. The security workers apparently also made some poor Indian woman remove her sandals until someone higher up on the security food chain reminded them that sandals are not a security risk.

The Swedish word for the day is säkerhet. It means safety.

- by Francis S.

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