Friday, December 19, 2008

We agreed to meet at Moderna Museet, Emi and I. She brought her youngest, and then she tricked me, the minx. I was supposed to treat her for lunch, but she snuck ahead in line and paid before I could stop her.

“I’m a Swedish woman, I can’t let you pay,” she explained.

Once we’d actually settled down, and the baby was chewing on bread and I had gotten my salad, we got down to business. Which was just really jabbering away. It’s been way too long, I told her. She agreed.

It used to be so odd, to meet people in the flesh after reading what they write. But now it’s par for the course. Although few quite live up to their writing the way Emi does - she's just as sexy, funny and charming as you would imagine. But what else can you expect from a blogging celebrity? She’s the bee’s knees, Emi is.

The Swedish phrase for the day is Brev till Marc Jacobs. It means Letters to Marc Jacobs.

- by Francis S.


Erik Ståhlberg said...

Hur kommer det sig att du inte uppdaterar lika frekvent som vanligt längre?

HamBaconEgg said...

Dude, this is sooo true, Swedish women won't let you pay for them, they don't understand that it's a diss to generosity... it's not like we have to, we just want to... right?

I hate to be jumping to the point here but I do have an article on this on my own blog, u might find it relevant
The article is named "Square Dating(The downfall of gentlemen)"


I'm quite new in the blogging scene so I pretty much suck but I hope u take time to read at least one article =)

As for you, keep up the good writing, I like the blog, I'm saving it to favorites and adding it on my blog ads (once i figure it out)

cheers for now mate =)