Wednesday, August 15, 2001

Whew. The husband just called to say that dinner is cancelled. But now I don't get to go off on a delectable memoirish food reverie, á la Mary Frances Kennedy Fisher or Alice B. Toklas - her cookbook, famous for her recipe for hashish fudge, is actually a great read - as if I could match either of them in prose. I was on a Moroccan-Spanish kick and going to fix those merguëz sausages wrapped in pastry, couscous salad (which is recreated by taste from salad our downstairs neighbor gave us when she moved in - she's half-Moroccan and a great cook to judge by her salad, and she did win some big Swedish cooking award a couple years ago) and gazpacho as close as possible to the gazpacho the husband was served by his mother when he was a boy.

I love to cook and to eat. And I have the extra five kilos to show it.

The Swedish phrase of the day: för mycket. It means too much. - by Francis S.

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