Wednesday, August 15, 2001

Why does it take so much work to go away from work for a week? Suddenly photographers fail to deliver, an editorial has to be replaced at the last minute, and someone else has to check out the last pageproofs because of course they're arriving when I'm gone. All of which pales in comparison to the husband's 15-hour day yesterday. But I guess he decided that that wasn't enough, so he invited our priest and her boyfriend the policeman over for dinner tomorrow night. Of course the husband has to work late, so I'll have to do laundry and fix dinner, but we'll squeeze it all in because we love them. But still, I can't help asking why I do this to myself because I know I'll be frantic tomorrow, rushing around like mad in the kitchen and swearing in Swedish, ''fan också'' which means something like dammit, too! - by Francis S.

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