Friday, February 15, 2002

Hey, I won an award from that wacky Viennese comedian, Miguel of Feral living... I haven't won an award since I was in the 12th grade and the Highland Park Chamber of Commerce gave me some stupid social studies prize that consisted of a certificate and 50 dollars. So it's ironic that I won first prize in Miguel's first annual Feral Living Feral Valentine's Limerick Contest for a limerick I wrote when I was, well, in the 10th or 11th grade:

    Though his stomach protruded obtrusively,
    Sir John dressed in tight suits exclusively;
    With his mustache waxed dandy,
    equipped with mint candy,
    he'd molest the young children abusively.

(I think there's been enough homemade poetry slash doggerel on this site to last for several months at least.)

The Swedish phrase for the day, which undoubtedly has been a phrase for the day in the past, is tack så hemskt mycket. It means thanks awfully much.

- by Francis S.

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