Sunday, February 17, 2002

We're going to make preserved lemons, the husband and I. You take a big glass jar, pour a bit of coarse salt in it, then one by one you slit the lemons and pack them with more salt, stuffing them into the jar as tightly as possible, finally adding boiling water and covering the jar to let sit for three or four weeks. Preserved lemons add a lovely and odd flavor to the right kind of stew.

Normally, the husband and I are not really compatible in the kitchen. I need to cook alone, getting frantic in those last 30 minutes before the guests come and I realize I should have started cooking at least an hour earlier than I did. The husband has wisely learned to stay out of the way.

But I think we can work on this sour yellow fruit sweetly with one another, side by side.

The Swedish word for the day is tillsammens. It means together.

- by Francis S.

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