Tuesday, February 12, 2002

I wonder whatever happened to my 7th grade girlfriend, Stephanie Berkowitz? I remember slow-dancing with her to Paul McCartney singing "Only My Love" in her basement at a party, and that she and her sister and step-sister all had copies of the April 1972 Cosmopolitan issue that had a Burt Reynolds centerfold (his arm strategically placed so that nothing really showed).

And I wonder whatever happened to all the little girls with strange names from my boyhood: Did Pye Squire live up to her promising beginnings at age 7 and grow up to be a very tan chainsmoking gamin? Does Ulana Holubec still have brown bangs and wear red tights? Does Hulya Oktaiktekin still have lots of freckles and a peculiar but not unpleasing high voice?

The Swedish word for the day is att undra. It means to wonder.

- by Francis S.

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