Sunday, February 24, 2002

Last night we had dinner with A., the former model and her boyfriend C., the fashion photographer. Moules frites - which is not fried mussels, but mussels with french fries, a tasty dish that must be the national dish of Belgium.

Their friends Annalie and Johan were there, and they had brought Vicky along. Poor Vicky is blind and deaf, and she takes anabolic steroids to help her walk, as her hips are not what they were when she was young.

Vicky is in fact an ancient toy poodle who wanders around in circles bumping into things and sniffing during the half an hour or so each day that she's not sleeping in her bed or cuddled in the arms of her owner, Annalie.

Ah, selfless love. I want someone to hold me in their arms like that when my hair is in uneven matted patches and I'm blind and deaf and my hips don't work like they used to.

- by Francis S.

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